Ghost town’s western restaurant

words and music: HINATA Haruhana
Translation: Isuzu_no_truck

【Song (Japanese)】 mp3 DL

【Instrumental】 mp3 DL

English translation

Welcome over here
Please, to this seat
This restaurant's signature dish
Eyeball soup!

Before you get weary
And leave
Offer that body to me!

Welcome over here
Please, to this pot
Carved out at this store,
Fresh soup!

Like the others,
Even you will no longer look at me anyway
I demand those eyes!

Hey, till the last bit eat it, eat it, slurp it
I don’t need any payment say it tastes good

Hey, till the end listen, listen to this song
Don’t hate me tell me that you love me until you die

Hey, till the last bit, eat it yes, enjoy it
I don’t need thanks, so become delicious

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