Star of hatred

words and music: HINATA Haruhana
Translation: Isuzu_no_truck

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English translation

If someone dies, it’s sad
Stab them with a knife, it hurts, it hurts
Such a normal occurrence
A big scene, isn’t that exaggeration?

In this swamp of words
This star’s music perished
In the dead music
The star’s intelligence defuncted

Laid down corpses of music Decayed train of thought
Let’s say our goodbyes to this planet

At the next star what should we do?
Create a town then a country
The organisms you hate,
Can just be cooked deliciously

A world you can enjoy at anytime
That you can gaze upon
Erasing you and I from the torus
Stopping the clock

The burning pain in your chest
Let’s fly again to rid of it
Past the blue dragon Till the ends of space

You and I to the star of contentment
Let’s go look for it, take my hand
It’s alright now, your cloud of unhappiness
I’ll make it vanish

You and I to the star of contentment
Let’s go look for it, boarding the boat
The vine’s thorns that choke you
I’ll attend to it

You and I, a pure white star
Let’s look for it the world over
Breaking, creating, deconstructing then repeating

The star of hatred

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