Surprise Halloween

words and music: HINATA Haruhana
Translation: Isuzu_no_truck

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English translation

Hey? ……clearly you forgot
That night’s strange waltz
Us, we all remember
About you, we know it all

Two hands on the clock tower
Overlapping at a very high place
It seems exactly like you and me
Even the moon is sneering about it

It’s not scary not scary at all
Together let’s solve the cipher

Knock Knock open the door
Ring Ring Answer the phone
Clink Clink The wine glass falls
Shatter Shatter You laugh mockingly

Polishing only the memories
You think we’ll shed a tear?
We loathe you so much
Snacks won’t make up for it

You’re a complete disappointment
After all the time we waited for you
But today it’ll open
So come over to this side right now

Don’t be fearful you’re welcomed
Nothing has changed from back then

Gradually it gets rowdier
Increasingly getting closer
Shaking you tremble
Frighteningly you peek in

Bats luring, on a bright night
The music of mice traps
You mustn’t listen to it
As I’ve told you many times before……

Fluttering the sound of a lyre
Pounding in the head
Stumbling the world spins
Thud Thud you roll

But inside my heart
Is full of my love for you
Your forever happiness
We’re praying for that

……Just kidding.

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