Aquarium Fish

words and music: HINATA Haruhana
Translation: Isuzu_no_truck

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English translation

If I have to be so servile to others
I'd honestly rather die
To shout as a group
I'd rather swill dirt water alone

The mirror with your self's reflection
Just because it's unpleasant
You shatter it, face still hideous
It just multiplies, as they say

Outside and inside all the same
Close your eyes, pitch black

I'll trap you in an aquarium
And let you swim freely
You'll obviously choose freedom
To be the despaired heroine
Please, take my hand

Oh, so many times, you sure can
play dead
As hard as you work on replicas
No one is falling for those

Even the light on the surface
Nicely distorts it all
The path I see with my eyes
Full of mistakes and a dead end

What I want to know, is it black or white?
What are those eyes showing?

I'm so laughably clumsy
I can’t even remember your face
What kind of voice, what kind of eyes
Now seeing my empty shell,
What do they think?

Nothing left to agonize about
In the limpid glass
Why are you still so desolate?

I’ll shut myself into an aquarium
Act like I can swim and slowly drown
I’ll tape my face with lies
Still, forever

"I  l o v e  y o u"

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