Paranoia in love

words and music: HINATA Haruhana
Translation: Isuzu_no_truck

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English translation

Hey, you know
I think I chose the wrong fairy tale
My one and only prince
Won’t even look my way

People who understand my ways
They simply don’t exist
I wish with the tunnel wind
Everything would just blow away

Even if I dance a waltz in my glass slippers
All it does is hurt my feet

I’ll add a weight to the flowers that I send to you
Surely, my words
Will sink to the bottom of the ocean

Hey, you know
I think I chose the wrong world
The forest of concrete
Is not meant for me

For pretending to be oblivious
You easily take away
Your specialty, croaking like a frog
Playing victim, I’m sick of it

Even if I eat a poisoned apple
Perhaps I could live without a farewell?

I’ll attach myself to the flowers that I see you off with
Surely, my heart
Will quietly die soon enough

A world someone wished for
A world no one wished for
A world someone glanced in
A world someone divided in

I want to cry I can’t cry I won’t cry
I want to meet I can’t meet I won’t meet
Lonely, suffering, despair

“I want to escape, help please”

The unraveling red thread of fate, I tie to you
One beat of the heart
And you’ll be numb to the pain……

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