Domestic Canary

words and music: HINATA Haruhana
Translation: Isuzu_no_truck

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English translation

"Our distance won't change"
"But if it does that'll be your fault"
"The lonesome one is me," you say
I think I'm the lonesome one

If you wish for it
I thought I'd like to accomplish that for you
Even the clumsy lies you told
I always pretended to believe them

You were by my side yesterday
Why are you so far away today?

The city that sunk in the sea
The train that runs through the night sky
You stare at them all so lovingly
The world you yearned for

"I've become tired of walking"
"I'm thinking of getting on that train"
"What do you want to do?", you ask
I cannot answer that to this day

I stopping you is out of the question
But I feel as though you might have smiled
You must've been waiting
For the moment I say those words

The faraway you of today
I doubt I will see you at all tomorrow

Names and words unneeded
Sound and shapes are lost
As if, a sky after the rain
This is an alluring world

Had I left you?
Had I been left?
Had you been crying
On that night too?

This is the perfect world
(This is the perfect world)

I'll forgive all of it
(I'll take on all of it)

At least the never-ending rain
(Dear God, to this sinful me)

I will blame it on you
(Give me a sentence)

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