Lying Gunslinger

words and music: HINATA Haruhana
Translation: Isuzu_no_truck

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【Instrumental】 mp3 DL

English translation

Made it in life this far faking strength
But if even that goes there’ll be nothing left

In this town I arrived in, even footsteps get erased
Could give a cry but no one would notice

A shadow appears within sight
Can’t even outrun it
To continue living, this time

Is not enough  not enough  not enough

Count 5 seconds, and inhale
Dominate the stage
Run through the keys of the piano
Jump into the night

After going through everything, interest is lost
No matter what door was opened it was full of junk

Getting rid of this trash, will it make things easier?
Would it be possible to live without being crushed?

Being able to love equally
Is impossible, breaking the mirror
To truly understand, a sound like this

Is not enough  not enough  not enough

Because of you it’s inaudible
‘The song of taking you along’
If you continue to fuss like that
I’ll seal your mouth right now?

Counting 5 seconds and pulling the trigger
The heart will no longer be under so much commotion
Loading the gun with a bullet of sound

Shooting through you

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