Hate you

words and music: HINATA Haruhana
Translation: Isuzu_no_truck

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English translation

A Sunday with no willpower
A stupid sound rings in my head
Outside, clear skies It makes me despise it
Even if I lay down, I’m not sleepy

Who implanted the seeds of my headache?
It’s about ready to bloom
You are an intelligent person
But as a being you’re the absolute worst

As much as you think
I’m not strong at all
(isn’t it obvious?)

Seems like me
I don’t know such a thing
(the one with their head in the clouds is only you, is it not?)

About me,
You know nothing
So don’t call my name so light-heartedly!

Overly confident and a sore loser
All talk no effort put in
I’m not your number one
So quit being so nice, it’s unpleasant

You’re so fickle
I don’t like people who don’t have a sense of themselves
Getting hurt by your meaningless words
I’m such an idiot

As much as you think that
I’m not used to being isolated
(it breaks me easily)

Knowing you
As if I would
(even the habit of laughing when you lie)

Everything about you
I hate it all
Don’t smile at me saying “I l o v e y o u”

I can’t take anymore
And it’s not like I can sleep either
Stop the source of my breathing……

Seems like me
I don’t know such a thing
(I’m beginning to lose myself and disappear)

When I disappear
I want to be by myself

Farewell, farewell
In hope that we never meet again.

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